March Madness.. the basketball kind!

March is filled with lots of great basketball (Go Hoosiers!) but athletes are so much more than just their on-court persona, they are involved in communities near and far!

Here are a couple of my favorite Oregon examples…

O Heroes! University of Oregon varsity athletes focused on being “Champions on the Field, Heroes in the community.”  The UofO has hosted service projects at the Rose Bowl for students and Alums of both teams two years running! That is sportsmanship!

Student Athlete Corps at Concordia University teaching good sportsmanship and teamwork through playing sports. When physical education classes are cut, Concordia students are there to make sure K12 students get active!

And if you are wondering how to inspire athletes to continue to use their skills after college, check out Matt Bostic who is the Guinness World Record holder for the most three point shots in 24 hours… 6,343 shots made! That is ~4 shots made per minute… every minute… for 24 hours. Impressed? I am! This hometown hero (raised with Hoosier Hysteria in a town with a tree in the courthouse tower) takes his mad shooting skills and educates young people about cancer and supports those who can’t afford treatment through his organization, Shoot for Life.

We all can make a difference with our talents and hit the shot at the buzzer for the communities we care about.                Go Hoosiers! Oops… extra plug!


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