Talent Dividend – What is the cost of college completion?

CEOs for Cities has identified talent development as fundamental to successful cities. Their research indicates that 58 percent of a city’s success, as measured by per capita income, can be attributed to the percentage of the adult population with a college degree.

City Dividends, which was developed by Portland, Ore., economist Joe Cortright calculates the monetary gains the top 51 metros could realize if they increase their college attainment by one percentage point (The Talent Dividend), reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by 1 mile per person per day (The Green Dividend) and reduce the number of people in poverty (The Opportunity Dividend) by one percentage point.

Oregon Campus Compact is proud to lead the regional effort around the Talent Dividend. We are just getting going… stay tuned for more information!

Our effort is aligned with Governor Kitzhaber’s 40/40/20 initiative and the Multnomah County Cradle to Career initiative. Click on their links to learn about the goals and stay connected to progress.


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