The bleeding edge of communication… Case Foundation inspires!

In this moment… this one very moment… my inbox is empty. This occurs more often as of late because I have decided that I won’t get overwhelmed by email anymore. It had been keeping me up at night. So many wonderful things to read… so many folks I want to give a thoughtful, long email response… how to fit it all in? I let emails languish until I had time, but that time never came. So now I look at email and get to it in that moment. No waiting.

Let’s face it… the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the last several years! Is email over? Are we now onto 140 characters or less? Maybe just texting? Pinning?

Well, I am glad there is an organization out there that is watching this massive shift and offering great resources to keep us all informed of the next great thing!

Check out the Case Foundation and all of their wonderful resources! While you are there checking out their social media resources don’t miss their innovative information on Startup America and Social Citizens. These folks aren’t just out of the box thinkers… they got rid of the box!

And back to my inbox… it’s still empty… thank heavens I can type quickly because it will start to fill up any second!



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