Oregon Schools Present Solutions to Clean Energy

Through a partnership with Focus the Nation, Columbia Gorge Community College, University of Portland, and the University of Oregon are inspiring innovative solutions for clean energy. These campuses are hosting Forums-to-Action, a program that empowers student leaders to organize their campus and community to discuss, develop, and implement sustainable energy practices.
The projects: 
Columbia Gorge Community College
This project is working to develop an educational community renewable park, a facility to harness solar energy and teach the campus and community about clean energy. The project will benefit the campus and community by providing students in the Renewable Energy Technology program hands on experience with emerging technologies while reducing The Dalles reliance on non-renewable resources and engaging the community. Learn more.
University of Portland
The Biodiesel Club is turning waste-oil from campus food services into biodiesel. The fuel being generated is used in grounds keeping vehicles on campus. Now in year two of the project, the goal is to increase production to meet the biodiesel needs of the community. The project provides learning opportunities for students, reduces waste, and serves the community by creating local resources. Learn more.
University of Oregon
To launch project development, student leaders are engaging the campus and community in a Sports & Sustainability Summit to innovate ways to reduce carbon emissions. This project celebrates UO’s unique sports culture by bringing together leaders in sports and sustainability to build a better future. Learn more.

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