Communications Director – National Campus Compact

A position at the national office of Campus Compact!

Please apply by September 14.



New Online Network and Learning Community for Educators!

JOIN Community Works Institute’s ONLINE NETWORK
Connect with Other Educators Working on
Place-Based Education,
Service-Learning, and Sustainability

Community Works Institute (CWI) recently launched an online Community Network. This is a new and exciting way to connect with K16 educators and administrators from across the U.S. and around the world.

Share, collaborate, and co-inspire along with other educators working to make place based education, service-learning, and sustainability a core part of student learning experiences. sign up

From the Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success… “Is it Impossible to Make it Here Anymore?”

From the Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success…

Income is widening by education attainment. This recent blog posts states the facts and asks us questions about next steps.