IARSLCE Proposal Deadline looming…

This is a reminder that proposals for the 2012 IARSLCE conference, Connected Knowing, are due in approximately 78 hours!  The deadline is 5PM EST on Friday, April 6.  Please visit http://precis2.preciscentral.com/Link.aspx?ID=86B6E5ED7CCC3153 to submit or visit researchslce.org for more details.  What are you waiting for???  78 hours!!

In the meantime, please join colleagues and share your thoughts on the conference theme at http://connectedknowing.blogspot.com/.

International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE)

This is a fantastic organization and I have to give them some gratitude. I went to their conference in 2007 and knew I had to get back to engagement full-time.

My inbox today contained an update on the 2012 Conference happening in BALTIMORE (one of my hometowns!) from September 23-25.

To engage future participants in the conference in a dialogue around the theme of connected knowing the conference organizers have created a blog site to reflect on the theme and its meaning to our work:


Please contact KerryAnn O’Meara at komeara@umd.edu if you would also like to add a post to this site.

ALSO! Conference proposals are due March 30th. http://www.researchslce.org/conferences/

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