Community Engaged Learning… online? Look what is happening in Maine!

From Inside Higher Ed..

Colleges are being pushed to increase “service learning” and “civic engagement” initiatives at the exact same time that they’re being pressured to move online. These don’t have to be opposed, necessarily, but in practice they generally are. Can community engaged learning happen… online?

Check out how Maine Campus Compact is supporting service-learning faculty in creating online service-learning courses! Great job, Maine!

Civic Data Challenge

Love data like I do? Check out this opportunity to take our number friends and make them into a beautiful story worthy of an award. More below!

The Civic Data Challenge turns the raw data of “civic health” into beautiful, useful applications and visualizations, enabling communities to be better understood and made to thrive.

Civic health data has been collected for years, and we now have an opportunity to make this trove of community insight more valuable and accessible to decision makers and the public. The Civic Data Challenge will bring new eyes, new minds, new findings, and new skill sets to the field of civic health. Designers, data scientists, researchers, and app developers are especially encouraged to Join the Challenge.

The bleeding edge of communication… Case Foundation inspires!

In this moment… this one very moment… my inbox is empty. This occurs more often as of late because I have decided that I won’t get overwhelmed by email anymore. It had been keeping me up at night. So many wonderful things to read… so many folks I want to give a thoughtful, long email response… how to fit it all in? I let emails languish until I had time, but that time never came. So now I look at email and get to it in that moment. No waiting.

Let’s face it… the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the last several years! Is email over? Are we now onto 140 characters or less? Maybe just texting? Pinning?

Well, I am glad there is an organization out there that is watching this massive shift and offering great resources to keep us all informed of the next great thing!

Check out the Case Foundation and all of their wonderful resources! While you are there checking out their social media resources don’t miss their innovative information on Startup America and Social Citizens. These folks aren’t just out of the box thinkers… they got rid of the box!

And back to my inbox… it’s still empty… thank heavens I can type quickly because it will start to fill up any second!


Focus the Nation

Are you an innovator? politico? technician? storyteller? Focus the Nation catalyzes all four to address the need for clean energy. Engaging college students across the country, their leadership curriculum will inform and empower and in the end? Their vision of a just and prosperous clean energy future will happen. These folks have charisma and passion that will inspire you. Their work is too exciting to not get on board!

Next up…

Students are invited to apply for the RECHARGE Retreat! Application deadline is April 1, 2012.

The Portland Plan

Have you ever embarked on a strategic plan? Maybe it is a 1-year or a 5-year plan, but 25 years? I think it’s hard to imagine where we will be in 25 years!

Portland was not daunted by this ambitious endeavor and will soon present a 25-year plan to City Council. The process has been fascinating to watch (and participate in!)

Check it out!

The Portland Plan video and more info here