Oregon High School Seniors Required to Pass Tests

Under Oregon board of education rules, students must show on state assessments that they can read at a level that will serve them in college and on the job. In 2013, graduating seniors will have to show both reading and writing proficiency, and the 2014 graduating class also must pass a math test demonstrating that they won’t need remediation classes when they hit the university. (Salem Statesman Journal, 04/08/12)



Education Commission of the States

My morning typically includes reading my listserv emails. One of my favorites is the Education Commission of the States (www.ecs.org). It includes press clippings and summary of their own efforts on education reform. Today I have three emails from them! Usually it’s not that many.

The first has a great article on defining college readiness (http://bit.ly/yhYfKs). And also has a nice piece on Civic Engagement through Digital Citizenship (http://bit.ly/zebYF3).

The second email (their regular press clipping email) offers an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on first-year financial concerns and their implications (http://bit.ly/AkOntT).

The third is focused on college completion and is always chocked full of legislative updates and best practices! Here is their blog: http://www.boostingcollegecompletion.org/.

Education Commission of the States… check them out!

P20 Achievement Compacts in Oregon

Did you see this in today’s Oregonian?


Every school board in Oregon must specify how much it aims to improve student performance in 100 areas next year as part of annual achievement compacts with the state’s new overarching education board. Senate Bill 1581 required the development of the achievement compacts for school boards, community colleges and universities.

Are you following Governor Kitzhaber’s 40/40/20 plan?