College students… get out the vote!

On September 26th at 3 PM EDT, Campus Vote Project <> will be hosting a virtual Town Hall focused on getting college students out to vote this November. Using Google Hangouts, the Campus Vote Project will be moderating a panel that will include Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and other student voting advocates, and taking questions via Twitter and Facebook. The focus will be on strategies that election officials, college administrators, and student organizations have taken to help students register and vote. We will hear directly officials that have dealt directly with problems that students have encountered in their college communities and how to overcome those obstacles.

The sign-up page for the event is now live and can be accessed via:

We encourage you to promote this on your blog, Facebook page, and on Twitter. The event will be using the Twitter hashtag #CVPTownHall which is also how they will be accepting questions during the town hall.


Civic Data Challenge

Love data like I do? Check out this opportunity to take our number friends and make them into a beautiful story worthy of an award. More below!

The Civic Data Challenge turns the raw data of “civic health” into beautiful, useful applications and visualizations, enabling communities to be better understood and made to thrive.

Civic health data has been collected for years, and we now have an opportunity to make this trove of community insight more valuable and accessible to decision makers and the public. The Civic Data Challenge will bring new eyes, new minds, new findings, and new skill sets to the field of civic health. Designers, data scientists, researchers, and app developers are especially encouraged to Join the Challenge.

Interfaith Youth Core – Better Together Awards!

Nominate your campus for a Better Together Award. Your nomination qualifies your campus to win up to $2,500 for the organization of your choice! Here’s how it works:
  • STEP ONE: Complete this SURVEY.

  • STEP TWO: Create a PINBOARD. Toward the end of the survey, you’ll get more information on how to create a Pinterest pinboard, which is required as part of your nomination.

  • STEP THREE: Return to the survey and give us the LINK to your board. Then click submit. Your nomination is complete!
  • STEP FOUR: SHARE your pinboard with as many people as you can. Our awards decisions are influenced in part by the number of likes and repins you get for the photos on your board.

Completed nominations are due by April 23, 2012 at 9:00 am CDT. If you’re not able to complete your nomination all at once, you can save your progress through the link at the bottom of the page, starting with page 2. If you have any questions about completing your nomination, email Rachel at

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • You’re nominating your campus, so get others from your campaign team involved in putting your nomination together and promoting your pinboard.
  • Only campuses who have participated in the Better Together campaign are eligible to win an award. (Haven’t done anything as part of Better Together yet? Sign up and get started!)
  • Campuses may apply to win several awards, but will be awarded only one.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw an award for any reason.

The bleeding edge of communication… Case Foundation inspires!

In this moment… this one very moment… my inbox is empty. This occurs more often as of late because I have decided that I won’t get overwhelmed by email anymore. It had been keeping me up at night. So many wonderful things to read… so many folks I want to give a thoughtful, long email response… how to fit it all in? I let emails languish until I had time, but that time never came. So now I look at email and get to it in that moment. No waiting.

Let’s face it… the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the last several years! Is email over? Are we now onto 140 characters or less? Maybe just texting? Pinning?

Well, I am glad there is an organization out there that is watching this massive shift and offering great resources to keep us all informed of the next great thing!

Check out the Case Foundation and all of their wonderful resources! While you are there checking out their social media resources don’t miss their innovative information on Startup America and Social Citizens. These folks aren’t just out of the box thinkers… they got rid of the box!

And back to my inbox… it’s still empty… thank heavens I can type quickly because it will start to fill up any second!


Education Commission of the States

My morning typically includes reading my listserv emails. One of my favorites is the Education Commission of the States ( It includes press clippings and summary of their own efforts on education reform. Today I have three emails from them! Usually it’s not that many.

The first has a great article on defining college readiness ( And also has a nice piece on Civic Engagement through Digital Citizenship (

The second email (their regular press clipping email) offers an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on first-year financial concerns and their implications (

The third is focused on college completion and is always chocked full of legislative updates and best practices! Here is their blog:

Education Commission of the States… check them out!